The “Urban Collage” project depicts buildings in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, which seem to be placed not where they belong. This series confronts the view, which states that one of the best ways to examine and understand a society is to analyze how its members construct their own surrounding. In fact, Warsaw seem to be a perfect example to prove such a statement.

Urban environment in Warsaw illustrates many issues of the whole society. From the complex and turbulent modern history, which includes vast devastation during the World War II and the communist era with its socialist realism, to current complexes and shortsightedness in urban planning. This series presents buildings from different periods and of different origins, gathered in one place in result of historic events and changes. It concentrates on the memory that the city holds in its architecture.

It seems that the way we construct our surrounding reflects our mindset, yet the surrounding itself also conditions our doings. This project is meant to highlight the relationship between human and the urban landscapes he shapes.